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As expected from any NANOBASE Raman instrument products, XperRAM M Series features a high efficiency spectrometer (over 90% Raman spectrum peak efficiency), giving you complete confidence in data accuracy to take your Raman research to another level.

We offer 532nm and 785nm laser options for XperRAM M Series, but it’s fully customizable to work on other laser wavelength selections. Contact us or your local distributor for more information.

Product No. XPERRAM-M

Raman Spectroscopy Instruments


What XperRAM M Series can do for you

  • Raman spectrum acquisition

  • Photoluminescence (PL) data acquisition

  • There is a broad range of applications where you can utilize data of Raman, PL, and EL - from battery research to 2D material evaluation to pharmaceutical quality control. If you would like to consult about how Raman data can make a contribution to your research, we are just one message away! Please contact us now here.

Product Concept

  • XperRAM M Series is a simple instrument created for Raman research. It has only the essential parts of Raman spectrometry - spectrometer, detector, laser, and filter, so with XperRAM M Series, you may accomplish acquisition of Raman spectra out of your samples via a simple procedure.

  • Watch how easily and instantly you can get your Raman spectrum data with XperRAM M Series via almost no steps in the below video by our Raman Guy.

  • To help you obtain an easier laser focus, we provide a probe holder for manual Z-axis control (optional), accompanied by a sample stage.

  • Worried about safety with your toxic sample used for Raman research? No more with us! Our customization know-how can offer desirable solutions to meet your needs on macro Raman research. Below images show an example of a project we did for a customer who wanted to take Raman spectra out of their toxic chemical liquid, featuring a Hastelloy Raman laser probe and a sample container made of special materials.


What XperRAM M Series is made of

  • For 532 nm laser excitation

- Spectrometer (Focal length 35 mm or 100 mm)
- Detector
- 532 nm fiber coupled Raman laser
- 532 nm Raman probe
- NanoSpectrum software suite

  • For 785 nm laser excitation

- Spectrometer (Focal length 85 mm)
- Detector
- 785 nm fiber coupled Raman laser
- 785 nm Raman probe
- NanoSpectrum software suite


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