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Photocurrent Measuring Instruments 

As photocurrent measurement and mapping emerge as one of the most popular research techniques that complement Raman spectroscopy for material analysis applications, we now introduce a stand-alone type SPCM (scanning photocurrent microscope) dubbed "Phocuscan."

Phocuscan is compact, high-performance, and low-cost, three core features of which all Nanobase products have in common. Phocuscan offers the same strong scanning (mapping) capabilities with the wide scanning area of 200 x 200 µm when using 40X objective as our Raman microscope products and features 1 µm resolution multi-axis micro-positioners newly developed by Nanobase.

Phocuscan is compatible with Keithley 2400 or 2600 sourcemeters and lasers at wavelength 455 ~ 700 nm and 780 ~ 1100 nm. Customers may opt to integrate their own Keithley sourcemeter or fiber coupled lasers to Phocuscan.


Product No. Phocuscan

What Phocuscan can do for you

  • Photocurrent imaging

  • Photocurrent measurement (source/drain, gate dependence)

Focus-worthy Phocuscan features

Sleek instrument design

  • The sleek design of Phocusan is one-of-a-kind and never-before-seen for a scanning photocurrent microscope or a probe station. We have simplified the instrument design of Phocuscan to maximize user convenience.

  • SLOTS FOR OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (For optical choppers, polarizer, ND filter, and waveplates)

  • PORTS FOR FIBER LASERS (One port for VIS wavelength; another for NIR wavelength)

  • OBJECTIVE TURRET (5X, Long WD 40X default; other magnification also available)

  • PHOTOCURRENT MODULES (Multi-axis micro-positioners, sample stage with vacuum chuck and X-Y-Z axis control)

High-performance micro-positioners

  • Phocuscan features micro-positioners developed by Nanobase.

  • The cross roller bearing and micrometer drives give these positioners a complete adjustability.

  • These miniature-design, magnet-base positioners offer 1 µm resolution and 8 mm travel range.

  • Up to four micro-positioners are mountable on the sample stage.


Reliable measuring software tailored to your Keithley SMUs

  • We individually modify the NanoPhotocurrent software suite to work with your Keithley sourcemeter unit (2400, 2600 series). We are also delighted to make it compatible with other Keithley sourcemeter unit models, so just talk to us to see how further we can help!

A wide range of accessories to optimize your photocurrent research

  • Phocuscan offers a variety of accessories such as optical choppers, polarizers, and vaccum pumps to help you achieve your photocurrent research goals depending on your research concepts.

  • Phocuscan also offers a reference sample designed specially for photocurrent calibration. With this complimentary reference sample, you can ensure stable data acquisition at all times.


Simple workflow with the easy software

  • NanoPhotocurrent, our software dedicated to photocurrent measurement, provides streamlined experience in hardware settings and photocurrent data acquisition.

  • With our newly developed automated mode change function, the easier, faster system operation is guaranteed. Place your device on the sample stage, put probe tips on to the device, focus an objective on the device, then you are all set to take photocurrent data!

  • The same scanning (mapping) capability you enjoyed with our Raman microscope products is also realized on Phocuscan.

  • Check out the below software demo to see the easy process yourself.

What Phocuscan is made of

  • System platform

- Motorized reflected LED illuminator for bright field
- Motorized vision-laser mirror box
- USB 3.0 superspeed, 6.0 MP Sony vision camera
- Two fiber optic ports for VIS-NIR laser input (VIS : 400 ~ 730 nm, NIR : 780 ~ 1000 nm)
- Three slots for optional accessories (polarizer, laser neutral density filter, waveplate)
- One slot for optional optical choppers

  • Photocurrent lasers (Available separately)

- Fiber coupled lasers
- Single mode (SM) or polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber
- Continuous wave (CW) operating mode
- Compatible laser wavelength : 400 ~ 730 nm and 780 ~ 1,000 nm
- Polarization ratio : 13 dB (20:1)
- Fiber length : 80 cm
- Customer's laser may be also used if met with the above specifications

  • Objectives

- Default : 5X, Long WD 40X

  • Micro-positioners

- Resolution : 1 µm

- Travel range (X / Y / Z) : 8 / 8 / 8 mm

- Magnet base

- BNC or triaxial cable available

- Three positioners required for source/drain, gate dependence measurement

- Probe tips included

  • Laser scanning module

- Wavelength range : 400 ~ 1000 nm
- Scanning type : Raster scanning

  • Sourcemeter unit (Available separately)

- Keithley 2400 or 2600 series
- May be purchased separately

  • Sample stage

- Mechanical X-Y-Z stage with right-hand control - Vacuum chuck (for use with optional vacuum pump and hoses)

  • NanoPhotocurrent software suite

- Photocurrent data acquisition
- Multi-area photocurrent mapping
- Mapping data export format : .csv

What optional accessories are available for Phocuscan

  • Optical chopper controller

- Featuring a dual frequency chopper blade
- 20 Hz ~ 1,000 Hz, 200 Hz ~ 10 kHz

  • Waveplate (λ/4)

- 0 ~180 degree continuous rotation
- Standard wavelength : 400 ~ 850 nm
- Retardation : λ/4

  • Polarizer

- Wire grid type
- Polarization wavelength range : 420 ~ 700 nm
- Extinction ratio : > 800:1

  • Waveplate (λ/2)

- 0 ~180 degree continuous rotation
- Standard wavelength : 400 ~ 850 nm
- Retardation : λ/2

  • Neutral density filter

- Continuously variable attenuation
- OD Range : 0.01 ~ 4.0

  • Vacuum pump and hoses

- Free air displacement at 7 L/min
- Dimensions : 46 mm (L) x 62 mm (W)
- Weight : 0.7 kg


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