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Interferometric Profiling Instruments

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Thickness is a typical parameter related to length, measurements of which are conducted in various industrial fields, such as the automotive, aviation, ship-building, semiconductor, and display industries. 

Among various measurement techniques, optical interferometry is by far one of the most attractive ones for its reliability owing to the direct realization of the meter. Moreover, the nature of this non-contact method of optical interferometry does not damage samples. Xper-IP Mini is the outcome of
 such interferometric methods realized for measuring thicknesses of thick transparent layers.


Product No. XPER-IP-M


What Xper-IP Mini can do for you

  • Thickness measurement of transparent materials

Product design

  • Xper-IP Mini comes in a rugged and compact design that is suitable for laboratory and manufacturing environments.

  • The product dimension is 144.5 mm (W) x 90 mm (D) x 37 mm (H).

  • Xper-IP Mini consists of three main components.

Xper-IP Mini.png


Laser source

Measurement module

Performance focused Xper-IP features

  • Absolute thickness measurement with accuracy of ±0.2 % in full scale

  • Exceptional long-term measurement repeatability of ±0.003 % in full scale

  • Broad measurement range of 0.03 mm to 1.2 mm

  • Simultaneous multiple layer measuring capability

Specifications and components

  • Specifications

- Resolution (Z) : 10 nm
- Accuracy (Z) : ±0.2 % in full scale
- Standoff distance : up to 150 mm from objective
- Measurement range (Z) : 0.03 mm ~ 1.2 mm
- Measurement speed : 100 Hz

  • Product components

- Laser source : 840 nm SLD (SLD controller included)
- Spectrometer
- Grating : 1200 lpmm transmission grating (spectral range / grating rotation : 810 ~ 910 nm)
- Thickness measurement sensor head


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