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Photocurrent Measuring Instruments 

Xper-PC offers photocurrent measuring capabilities at a very reasonable price. Photocurrent measurement is currently one of the hottest research topics in the material analysis field, especially in semiconductor and solar cell development industries. Xper-PC has evolved as a ready-made product from a customized product commissioned from one of our customers.

Product No. XPER-PC


What Xper-PC can do for you

  • Photocurrent imaging

  • Photocurrent measurement (source/drain, gate dependence)


  • Photocurrent is the electric current through a photosensitive device, such as a photodiode, as the result of exposure to radiant power. In other words, photocurrent is the electric current which is created due to light.

  • When the light lies upon a material, then the material gets energy, which is transferred to the electrons, and they become free electrons and start conducting the current due to photons.

  • Widely known applications for photocurrent are solar energy generation and transistor characterization.

Why Xper-PC is the best choice for your photocurrent research

Flexibility on essential photocurrent modules

  • We collaborate with recognized photocurrent module manufacturers such as MS Tech and Semishare to facilitate different requirements of specs of probe stations and positioners. We can also build Xper-PC around the photocurrent modules customers already own.


Reliable measuring software tailored to your Keithley SMUs

  • We individually modify the NanoSpectrum software suite to work with your Keithley sourcemeter unit (2400, 2600 series). We are also delighted to make it compatible with other Keithley sourcemeter unit models, so just talk to us to see how further we can help!

What Xper-PC is made of

  • Microscope

- Mechanical X-Y-Z stage with right-hand control

  • System platform

- Main body of the instrument

  • Objectives

- Default : 10X, Long WD 40X

  • Photocurrent module

- Probe station unit
- On-stage plate
- Probe tips (detailed specs to be confirmed for each purchase)

  • Laser scanning module

- Wavelength range : 400 ~ 1000 nm
- Scanning type : Raster scanning

  • Sourcemeter unit

- Keithley 2400 or 2600 series

  • Raman lasers and filter sets

- Optional : 405 nm, 532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm

  • NanoPhotocurrent software suite

- Mapping data export format : .csv


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