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TRPL Measuring Instruments


Xper-FLIM is one of the lowest-cost instruments in the market that offer high performance TRPL measuring capabilities. NANOBASE has strategically partnered with PicoQuant from Berlin, Germany to provide customers with satisfaction guaranteed TRPL products.

Featuring NANO
BASE's laser scanning module, Xper-FLIM ensures that researchers get reliable data at super high speed.

Just like other instrument products that we manufacture, Xper-FLIM is also fully customizable to fit into your research goals.

Product No. XPER-FLIM

What Xper-FLIM can do for you

  • Time-Resolved Photoluminescence (TRPL) data acquisition

- Time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC)

  • There is a broad range of applications where you can utilize data of TRPL - from biology/medical research to efficiency analysis of LED, OLED to solar cell efficiency analysis. If you would like to consult about how these data can make a contribution to your research, we are just one message away! Please contact us now here.

  • Not so familiar with TRPL measurements? Get more information here.

Why Xper-FLIM can step up your TRPL game

Powerful TCSPC module supplier

Reliable and ultra fast TCSPC module

  • With an optional dual channel time tagging electronics, you can achieve a just 10-second TRPL mapping time for 50 µm x 50 µm of a scanning area. Check out the below video clip.

Schematic diagram of Xper-FLIM

  • It's easy to understand how Xper-FLIM works with the below diagram. After pulsed laser hits a sample, all the data is transferred from the time tagging electronics and is presented on a computer. We offer either a single channel module or a dual channel module for the time tagging electronics. The dual channel time tagging electronics enables way faster scanning.


What Xper-FLIM is made of

  • Microscope

- Upright microscope or inverted microscope

  • System platform

- Main body of the instrument

  • Objectives

- Default : 40X
- Optional : 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X

  • Detector

- Active area diameter : 50 µm
- Dark counts : <250, <100, <50, <25 cps (depending on grade of detector)

  • Laser scanning module

- Wavelength range : 400 ~ 1000 nm
- Maximum scan speed : > 100 lines / s

  • Time tagging electronics

- Detection channels: 1 or 2
- Time range: 25 ps
- Trigger: 0~ -1200 mV
- Count rate: 40 MHz

  • Pulsed lasers and filter sets

- 405 nm (default)
- Wavelength range : 390 ~ 700 nm

  • NanoSpectrum software suite

- Spectrum data export format : .txt., .csv
- Mapping data export format : .spm, .csv


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