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Check out our new ad for Phocuscan (scanning photocurrent microscope)

Phocuscan - scanning photocurrent microscope
Phocuscan Magazine Ad

Our new magazine advert for Phocuscan is now featured in the following industry-leading magazines :


September 2023 (back cover) :

The Analytical Scientist

July-August 2023 (page 44) :

Our newest product launch, Phocuscan offers a robust scanning photocurrent measurement capability with the following unique features :

  1. Sleek instrument design : Phocuscan is our first ever stand-alone style instrument dedicated to scanning photocurrent measurement with accessories to enhance the capability such as a wide range of objectives, waveplates, optical chopper, polarizer, and neutral density filter.

  2. Strong performance : Phocuscan comes with up to four micro-positioners which are magnet-based, multi-axis, and high-performance, and you can enjoy the same scanning module on Phocuscan as you did on our Raman instruments.

  3. Revamped software : NanoPhotocurrent, our software dedicated to photocurrent measurement, provides a streamlined experience in hardware setting and photocurrent data acquisition.

  4. Simplified workflow : With our newly developed, automated mode change function, the easier, faster system operation is guaranteed.

Shift your focus to Phocuscan for photocurrent - the sleekest and easiest scanning photocurrent microscope.


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