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Introducing a New Raman Customization Project : NanoCycler + XperRAM C

To keep up with the trend of battery research yet to take it to the next level, Nanobase has launched a newly customized product for both Raman spectroscopy and battery cycling researchers, as commissioned by an IIT Hyderabad customer in India.

This custom system enables researchers to simultaneously take both Raman spectrum data and battery cycling data for an optical cell, and all the crucial features of each product, NanoCycler (the compact, low-cost battery cycler for up to 0.0002 mA current control) and XperRAM C (the scanning microscope with one freespace laser and the 200 x 200 μm scanning capability) have never been compromised.

Find out our ad of this new customization project in the following industry leading magazines :

- The Analytical Scientist, the December 2022 issue

- Spectroscopy, the January 2023 issue

- Batteries International, the issue 126


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